It was 'Back to School' for some of us at St Joseph's recently smiley
An early start to the school year as we helped Principal Regina Smuga and others tidy up some of the school grounds, in preparation for the students' arrival.
Along with Board Chair, Dan Smith; Teacher, Jackie McGivern and school parent Leila - Rotary Westhaven members and family/friends blitzed the garden and green area behind the main school building.
Under the guidance of Bunnings' garden buyer, Peter and the chainsaw experience of Farmer Tom Morton, several small trees were felled and a lot of green waste was piled into the Apparel Line van.
Four hours and 840kgs of green waste later the vegetable & flower garden had been tidied and the area behind the building had been cleared of overgrown and shade-casting foliage.
Regina has plans for the area, which the team at Bunnings will be lending a hand to achieve.
There was even bounty from the vege garden which had benefited from the warm rain and gone mad!  Courgettes became marrows, there were tall spires of lettuce leaves and bright red strawberries hiding under leaves LOL